Accelerated Development™

  • CRUSH your software development times.
  • Eliminate bugs and delays.
  • Build APIs, deployments & cloud infrastructure.

Oh, and it’s over 5,000x faster than a human developer.

Are you...

  • Struggling with slow software development times?
  • Bogged down with bug-prone software?
  • Fearful of unexpected delays and ballooning budgets?
  • Having trouble finding and keeping technical talent within your budget?
  • Looking for precision quality software on budget and on time?
  • Worried about vendor lock-in, feature limitations or performance with low-code solutions?
  • Compromising quality to save time and money?
  • Slow time-to-market causing you to miss out on key business opportunities?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, all of our clients had exactly the same problems.

They won’t just disappear.

If you answered no to ALL of them, you’re doing better than anyone we’ve met! We’ll leave you to it.

“Two-thirds of all business leaders believe that their companies must  pick up the pace  of digitalization to remain competitive”

Source: Gartner

You know your business, and likely realise what needs to be done to fix these issues once and for all, and that’s modernising the old, out-of-date applications in your business.

The next problem is finding a way to modernise your digital applications without crashing your entire system in the process, sinking money, and failing to deliver.

Don’t forget, that also includes seriously accelerating your software development times, lowering the number of bugs, recruiting for the required development skill-sets, lowering your time-to-market, building the right team - oh, and being super-agile.

All at the same time.

It’s a lot. 

That's where we come in.

We’ve helped many people like yourself move away from these constant, mind-numbing problems.

The only problem you should be having is trying to comprehend the sheer speed that your business is growing!

Everyone we meet has the same problems, and honestly, we got bored of hearing it. So we did something about it.

We’ve built our Accelerated Development™ modernisation programme to finally put these issues to bed once and for all.

What is Accelerated Development™?

  • Creates software 5,000x faster than a human.
  • Delivers predictable results on time and within budget.
  • No commitments. No license fees. You own the code.

Great developers should be utilised on the code that makes your business unique and the innovation that will keep you competitive and drive future growth.

Our Accelerated Development™ modernisation programme does that by freeing developers from the burden of run-of-the-mill, boilerplate work that anyone could do. All your developers need to do is plug in their customisations.

You own the code. No commitments. No license fees.

Not convinced?

This is what our average (not our best) clients see

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Our process

Our Accelerated Development™ Modernisation Programme

Step #1


We do a deep dive directly with you and your team to fully understand your current technical landscape.

Utilising our 6-pillar evaluation approach, we identify the areas needing the most attention.

This helps us produce an modernisation plan which provides the most impactful benefits towards your Target Operating Model.

Step #2


Once the issues are understood and the most impactful opportunities for change identified, we work in partnership to springboard your development efforts.

With Accelerated Development™ your software is:

  • Created with AI and automation in a fraction of the time a human could
  • BUT 100% as a human would*
  • and with NO human error

*no proprietary frameworks. Just customisable code written in a modern, intuitive dialect.

Without bugs, without delays.

Step #3


No developers? No problem.

Our consultants can help with any customisations for as long as you need.

What about platform updates?

We can re-scaffold your solution in the new version as quickly as the next working day, without losing any of the innovation or customisations.

I've just got questions?

Technical support is included for free.

Case studies

Check out the results we've achieved...

Gained the performance, capacity and resiliency to support the hyper-growth Seen in The industry

Hi, I’m Ratan Kalwa.

I lead the Software Development team here at Segen. We are a wholesaler of renewable energy hardware such as solar, storage, and EV charging. Our existing customer portal has driven our growth in the UK market from 2005 to the global brand it is today.

Our existing portal and business applications needed modernising. We brought in Mad Panda to help with this modernisation and bring their expertise in Cloud, Automation and Development to drive this.

Mad Panda launched our digital transformation strategy over 18 months ago and has been a central part of it ever since.

The Results

Mad Panda have helped:

- Open up new sales channels, including mobile and third-party integrations like OpenSolar.

- Update the underlying technology to have the performance, capacity and resiliency to support the hyper-growth we see in our industry.

All in all, Mad Panda have been very beneficial to the organisation.

They have:

- Showed excellent skill in gathering requirements, working closely with our product owner and existing vendors and analysing our existing systems.

- Developed a suite of APIs and a migration path to consolidate our business processes and take advantage of the latest DevOps automation.

- Built modern APIs representing a massive step forward in simplifying our consumer ordering process.

- Reduced our feature deployment time.

- Helped us stand up and onboard an in-house development team.

Throughout the project, Mad Panda has been skillful, has a great eye for detail, is professional and has ultimately delivered the first phase of our digital transformation journey.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mad Panda to other organisations. 

Segen Group

Renewable Energy Wholesale

Short-term Results
Open up new sales channels, including mobile and third-party integrations

Update the underlying technology to have the performance, capacity and resiliency to support the hyper-growth we see in our industry

Ratan Kalwa

Saved £10,000 a week on infrastructure and management costs alone

Invevo’s existing software was a monolith application that was difficult to maintain and update. Every change—big or small—had to be coded, tested, and deployed manually. This took countless hours of developer time and not only slowed the roll out of updates, but also left the entire process vulnerable to human error.

Furthermore, the legacy platform was housed on a managed Cloud service that limited their access and cost them tens of thousands of pounds per week to maintain.

The Results

Using the DevOps mantra, Invevo was able to drastically improve their software development processes and in doing so benefited their overall operations.

Features can now be released much faster making them more responsive to customer needs.

Automated processes eliminated the need for experienced developers to be available out of hours.

The migration to Microsoft Azure saved £10k a week in costs associated with maintaining the legacy system.

Consolidating all clients onto one version of their app eliminated the need to support a handful of versions of their platform each with bespoke pieces.


Accounts Receivables

Short-term Results
Saved £10,000 a week on infrastructure and management costs

Enabled almost unlimited scalability and saved countless hours of developer time 

Chris Moreton

200% improvement in sales processing and 80% reduction in service tickets

Each year between Christmas to Valentine’s, a high volume of sales was overloading the company’s e-commerce systems. Orders were getting lost and unhappy customers were calling to find out what had happened to their products. Staff were spending countless hours tracking down lost orders and tens of thousands of pounds in sales were disappearing from the bottom line.

The Results

The project was completed in just two months and was ready for the Christmas season. The changes lead to a 200% improvement in sales processing and 80% reduction in service tickets.

UK high-street retailer

High-street jewellers

Short-term Results
200% improvement in sales processing and 80% reduction in service tickets.

Long-term Results
Built a full suite of microservices to facilitate a smooth and secure flow of information


Insurance company gains the ability to generate 30,000 new leads per day 

The client had already been working to develop the API for several months. In the meantime, life insurance policies were being quoted manually by phone, which severely limited product exposure, scalability, efficiency, and accuracy.

After an internal staffing issue, we were brought in to help finish the API. Unfortunately, upon evaluating the existing code we found it unworkable. We consulted with the client and they agreed to start over from scratch.

The Results

The new API gave the client the ability to process 30,000 real-time price quotes per day.

The entire system was built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and incorporated powerful DevOps that made development faster, easier and more robust.

In order to speed up quotation times and deliver instant quotes, we deployed a cloud-based NoSQL database. This not only makes the database faster, it provides a fail-safe because data is distributed rather than being stored in a single location--should anything happen at one data centre, the API can still access the data in other data centres around the world.

International insurance provider

Life Insurance

Short-term Results
Ability to generate 30,000 new leads per day

long-term Results
In just six months we built a cloud-native, next-gen API from the ground up.


From Startup to bought out by a larger insurance firm.

This client’s aim was to make buying and managing insurance a straightforward process that can be done 100% online. They needed a simple, technology-based solution that would empower customers to get quotes, buy policies, and make claims without having to pick up the phone.

The Results

Answering just 5 questions on their mobile, a homeowner could get an insurance quote, place their order, and receive policy documentation in under two minutes. This gave the new company a significant competitive advantage over traditional insurance brokers.

Start-up home insurance company

Home Insurance

A homeowner could get an insurance quote in under two minutes. 

Enabled the app to access relevant information in real-time.

Meet the team

Meet The team of experts who can help you achieve similar results

Zubair H


Zubair is a veteran architect, software engineer and technologist to his core. He has spent large portions of his career working in Retail Technology with the prime directive of stabilising systems, identifying & reducing shrink, and increasing order conversion and throughput.

He has also designed & built technology platforms for large multinational insurance providers, start-ups, and over 5 household names in the UK retail sector.

After seeing many instances where clients are not always best served by their software teams due to a lack of industry experience, accountability and lack of incentivisation - Zubair founded Mad Panda to change this and bring massive value to the Retail Technology industry.

Joel B

Head of Engineering

Shez M

Head of Quality Assurance

Jenni V

Delivery & Operations Lead

Ready To Crush your software development times?

  • Create software 5,000x faster than a human.
  • Enjoy a 63% reduction in time-to-market
  • Enjoy predictable results on-time and in-budget