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Reduce lost orders by as much as

Customers served! 0 % Customers served!

Reduce the number of support incidents by

Customers served! 0 % Customers served!

Decrease response times by

Customers served! 0 % Customers served!

You know that when it comes to retail things have always moved fast.

In the last 10+ years, that speed has accelerated like nothing the market has ever seen before.

This has never been more true than since the outbreak of COVID, which has seen unprecedented and lasting changes in consumer behaviour in only two years. 

The demands on the tech and software needed to run a successful business have skyrocketed.

You’ve witnessed it yourself and experienced the problems it caused:

  • Atrocious levels of order inaccuracy.
  • Headache-inducing numbers of customer support issues.
  • Astronomically high change failure rates.
  • Your reputation in the marketplace plummeting.
  • Inability to capitalise on new opportunities and demand surge while watching competitors pass you by.

You’ve probably tried to fix or get ahead of these problems multiple times which leads to a whole other host of issues.

You build a solution that serves the business just fine. 

As the business grows, a piece is added to support a new product type, an issue arises and a quick patch is added.

This cycle continues on and on…

Why shouldn’t it?

After all, it’s quick and cheap (in the short term) to just put out the fires as they come up.

The problem is that 10 years down the line you've got this “Frankenstein” system trying and often failing to perform tasks it was never designed for

Resulting in systems that cope very poorly with spikes in demand (e.g. Black Friday) or that are fragile and suffer with recurring problems. 

Unfortunately, as a byproduct of this the software has ingrained itself into every facet of the business which makes it hard to change.

One wrong move and everything could crash.

Who in their right mind would risk that?

And the reality is that it isn’t even the business's or the IT team's fault that this happened.

Nobody sets out to make hard software. 

It happened slowly over time.

The management and IT team were doing their jobs.

The problem is these issues require software development expertise to fix areas they aren’t experts in.

And when it comes to experts, in this area demand outstrips supply.

The best freelancers are expensive and are unlikely to be available. 

Furthermore, freelancers will typically be generalists with no particular niche (even if they say otherwise).

You may choose to try and resolve the problem in-house with a permanent team of staff that are acutely aware and knowledgeable about the problems the organisation is facing.

But they have limited knowledge and insights into other retailers and how they may have solved similar problems.

In the case of both permanent and freelance teams, the results are often underwhelming:

  • Unproven, “homegrown” solutions that suffer many unforeseen teething problems.

  • Developers follow the path of least resistance which is often an evolution of the existing codebase, rather than a revolution. Introducing new problems such as the inability to scale or exacerbating deeper existing issues.

  • Software development projects notoriously run over time and over budget. This is largely because for a freelancer or permanent staff member there is limited (if any) incentive to deliver on a timely basis and in most cases, their incentives are completely out of alignment with the organisation as the longer it goes on the more the organisation needs them.

That's where we come in.

We are the experts in transforming these outdated “Frankenstein’s monster” type systems into high-performance machines that significantly decrease downtime, lost orders and customer support tickets.

While putting the systems in place to detect future problems so that your IT team can handle them before they even become an issue.

Within a matter of days or weeks, we could be an asset to your IT team and begin to start successfully opening up the bottlenecks in your current systems.

Removing massive costs and time-consuming tasks that are holding your organisation back and shouldn’t even be an issue.

This enables the business to be agile.

To respond rapidly to new opportunities and changes in the industry.

To have the ability to scale close to infinite capacity without worrying if your systems can handle the pressure.

Sound too good to be true?

We know it does that’s why we have a rock-solid guarantee to reach your KPIs in an agreed-upon timeframe or you don’t pay us a penny.

The only catch is that in order to fulfil our promises our availability is limited to a small number of projects at any one time.

So if you are interested in partnering with us to decrease your downtime, lost orders and customer support tickets, schedule a call now and we’ll take it from there.

Our Unbeatable Offer In the Retail Technology Space

100% Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee improvement against agreed KPIs (such as response times, perfect order rate and frequency of support incidents) in 90 days without the overrun associated with typical software development approaches or your money back, no questions asked.

Not convinced?

In Less Than 90 Days Our Average Client (not our best) Gains These Competitive Edges In The Marketplace:

Savings in infrastructure costs per month up to £ 0 Customers served!
Decreases response times by 0 % Customers served!
Reduces lost orders by as much as 0 % Customers served!
Reduces the number of support incidents by 0 % Customers served!
Reduces test & deployment times by up to 0 % Customers served!
Reduces change failure rate by 0 % Customers served!

Without worrying if the project will be done on time or within budget.

Our process

Mad Panda’s Retail Repair Programme

Step #1

The Deep Dive into the system

We initially run discovery workshops and sessions directly with you and your team to identify the key pain points and primary KPIs/metrics.

We help you identify why these areas are underperforming against those KPIs and agree to targets.

We also look at any processes unique to your systems to identify any bespoke add-ons that may be required.

Step #2

Time to Plan

Based on that, we create a plan to improve the identified KPIs that includes all aspects of development, integration, QA and deployment, with key milestones along the way.

Step #3

We Build & Take Action

We build and deploy our proprietary Axon Platform before moving into the tune-up phase.

This is where we monitor the metrics, and iteratively tune the system to deliver the best possible results.

Step #4

We Optimise Operations

We move into the operation phase to ensure the metrics stay on target.

The platform has built-in early warning for any emerging issues to ensure they are flagged to the right people in your team as soon as possible and ultimately minimises the impact on customers; avoiding the usual complaints going viral on Twitter etc…

Step #5

Keep Everything Running Smoothly

Ongoing reporting against KPIs to identify any trends in issues.

The insights offer opportunities to deploy pre-emptive measures where there are trends and also feedback in the Axon Platform, improving the effectiveness of the early warning overall.

Case studies

Check out the results we've achieved...

Saved £10,000 a week on infrastructure and management costs alone

Invevo’s existing software was a monolith application that was difficult to maintain and update. Every change—big or small—had to be coded, tested, and deployed manually. This took countless hours of developer time and not only slowed the roll out of updates, but also left the entire process vulnerable to human error.

Furthermore, the legacy platform was housed on a managed Cloud service that limited their access and cost them tens of thousands of pounds per week to maintain.

The Results

Using the DevOps mantra, Invevo was able to drastically improve their software development processes and in doing so benefited their overall operations.

Features can now be released much faster making them more responsive to customer needs.

Automated processes eliminated the need for experienced developers to be available out of hours.

The migration to Microsoft Azure saved £10k a week in costs associated with maintaining the legacy system.

Consolidating all clients onto one version of their app eliminated the need to support a handful of versions of their platform each with bespoke pieces.


Accounts Receivables

Short-term Results
Saved £10,000 a week on infrastructure and management costs

Enabled almost unlimited scalability and saved countless hours of developer time 

Chris Moreton

200% improvement in sales processing and 80% reduction in service tickets

Each year between Christmas to Valentine’s, a high volume of sales was overloading the company’s e-commerce systems. Orders were getting lost and unhappy customers were calling to find out what had happened to their products. Staff were spending countless hours tracking down lost orders and tens of thousands of pounds in sales were disappearing from the bottom line.

The Results

The project was completed in just two months and was ready for the Christmas season. The changes lead to a 200% improvement in sales processing and 80% reduction in service tickets.

UK high-street retailer

High-street jewellers

Short-term Results
200% improvement in sales processing and 80% reduction in service tickets.

Long-term Results
Built a full suite of microservices to facilitate a smooth and secure flow of information


Insurance company gains the ability to generate 30,000 new leads per day 

The client had already been working to develop the API for several months. In the meantime, life insurance policies were being quoted manually by phone, which severely limited product exposure, scalability, efficiency, and accuracy.

After an internal staffing issue, we were brought in to help finish the API. Unfortunately, upon evaluating the existing code we found it unworkable. We consulted with the client and they agreed to start over from scratch.

The Results

The new API gave the client the ability to process 30,000 real-time price quotes per day.

The entire system was built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and incorporated powerful DevOps that made development faster, easier and more robust.

In order to speed up quotation times and deliver instant quotes, we deployed a cloud-based NoSQL database. This not only makes the database faster, it provides a fail-safe because data is distributed rather than being stored in a single location--should anything happen at one data centre, the API can still access the data in other data centres around the world.

International insurance provider

Life Insurance

Short-term Results
Ability to generate 30,000 new leads per day

long-term Results
In just six months we built a cloud-native, next-gen API from the ground up.


From Startup to bought out by a larger insurance firm.

This client’s aim was to make buying and managing insurance a straightforward process that can be done 100% online. They needed a simple, technology-based solution that would empower customers to get quotes, buy policies, and make claims without having to pick up the phone.

The Results

Answering just 5 questions on their mobile, a homeowner could get an insurance quote, place their order, and receive policy documentation in under two minutes. This gave the new company a significant competitive advantage over traditional insurance brokers.

Start-up home insurance company

Home Insurance

A homeowner could get an insurance quote in under two minutes. 

Enabled the app to access relevant information in real-time.


Meet the team

Meet The team of experts who can help you achieve similar results

Zubair H


Zubair is a veteran architect, software engineer and technologist to his core. He has spent large portions of his career working in Retail Technology with the prime directive of stabilising systems, identifying & reducing shrink, and increasing order conversion and throughput.

He has also designed & built technology platforms for large multinational insurance providers, start-ups, and over 5 household names in the UK retail sector.

After seeing many instances where clients are not always best served by their software teams due to a lack of industry experience, accountability and lack of incentivisation - Zubair founded Mad Panda to change this and bring massive value to the Retail Technology industry.

Joel B

Head of Engineering

Shez M

Head of Quality Assurance

Jenni V

Delivery & Operations Lead

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